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Challenges faced by the OTT players in India; the way ahead

MUMBAI: With the majority of the OTT players operating on a freemium model, subscriptions are enjoying a new prominence as a revenue model for digital content and apps. While India saw Ditto TV working on the subscription revenue model, Balaji is all set enter the digital space with its digital...

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How ready is India for the digital disruption?

MUMBAI: The Indian media and entertainment industry is enamoured by the possibilities that the digital world poses for it. Within digital, ‘video’ and ‘mobile’ seem to be most used and often abused words. To tap in and make the most of this ‘digital video’ revolution that  the country is set to see...

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How will the new breed of content creators fit in the digital space with big daddies around?

MUMBAI: The beauty of digital is that the younger audience can bubble up digital content for the older audience. With videos and internet becoming synonymous with each other, we tend to consume more information in the form of videos in today's time. Reports say that Indian content gets roughly 7...

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Is digital taking over print?

MUMBAI: With the growing number of avenues available for news consumption in India, viewers are often puzzled about which source to trust. The explosion of digital, television and print media has changed the way of news consumption.

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FICCI Frames 2016: Digitization is a boon, but subject to how it is utilized by all stakeholders

MUMBAI: Even as a general consensus emerged on digitization being a boon, questions were raised at the ongoing FICCI FRAMES meet on whether the concept and advantages of the concept have been fully understood. Even as the TV industry has leapfrogged to more than 800 channels, and Indian Pay TV made...

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