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Five Indo-Pak actors whose talent has shone in Hollywood!

Mumbai: The Bollywood industry is flourishing with new talents and blockbuster movies, but Hollywood continues to embrace actors from diverse backgrounds, including Indo-Pak talents who are breaking barriers and challenging stereotypes with their exceptional performances. Here are five such actors...

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Gear up Christopher Nolan’s fans, Oppenheimer begins advance booking and shows are getting full in India

Mumbai: Christopher Nolan’s historical epic ‘Oppenheimer’, an exploration of the atomic bomb during World War II, is preparing for a massive global premiere on 21 July. With the excitement on the shore, Universal Pictures and the makers of the film are striving to open advance booking across IMAX...

Movies Hollywood
Five romantic films to watch before 'Past Lives'

Mumbai: Being entangled in love is one of the most challenging experiences an individual can face as they search for connection within art and culture. While the feeling of uncertainty can be distressing, films about heartbreak provide solace and help us cope with the painful aftermath of...

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Kim Cattrall gives message to all dads after doing Lionsgate’s About My Father

Mumbai: The making of Lionsgate’s comedy film About My Father, started during the peak of the pandemic and posed challenges and bonding experiences of its own to the cast and crew. Recently in the news for making a much-welcome cameo in the reboot of Sex and the City, Kim Cattrall talks about...

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Spider-Verse portal opens at Gateway of India

Mumbai: Hold on to your spider webs, because something incredible happened in the city of Mumbai! ‘Spider-Man’ himself was spotted swinging through the city’s most iconic Gateway Of India, and the buzz is real! Sony Pictures Entertainment India, in anticipation of the highly awaited movie 'Spider-...

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