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10 Best Websites for Online Classes

So you have decided to explore the world of online learning. Undoubtedly, switching to online learning platforms has become a new trend since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic and doesn’t seem to slow down even today. Whatever skills you are looking for, whether related to K-12 education, various entrance exams, or in-demand digital skills for professionals, there is a dedicated course online that you can rely on. Online classes help you learn from the comfort of your home without disturbing your hectic routine.

Before you pick any random course online, you should know about the most relevant online training platforms whose courses are worth your time and effort. This article makes you familiar with all of them. So, let’s get started.


Simplilearn is a great training platform for fresh graduates and working professionals who want to develop job-ready skills in various fields. Some of the top categories in which Simplilearn offers world-class training include digital marketing, cloud computing, cyber security, project management, artificial intelligence, data science, and software development. You will also find many courses in partnership with top universities like Purdue, Wharton, Caltech CTME, and UMass Amherst.

Linkedin Learning

LinkedIn doesn’t need any introduction, but many are not aware of its dedicated learning platform named LinkedIn Learning. This platform also offers high-quality online courses, but unlike Simplilearn, its courses are short-term based and focus on a particular topic rather than the entire subject. Its instructors are usually working professionals with rich experience in their business domains.


If taking an online course from a reputed university is your priority, then Coursera is the most suitable option for you. This platform is a marketplace that hosts online courses from over 275 leading universities and companies and has trained more than 113 million learners across the world. By becoming a learner on this platform, you can benefit from a top-notch curriculum, low tuition fee, flexible schedule, and even achieve a university degree.


Udacity came into existence when Stanford instructors Peter Norvig and Sebastian Thrun wanted to offer their ‘Introduction to Artificial Intelligence’ course for free online. Since then, Udacity has worked together with businesses and highly driven people to create a customized talent transformation path made possible with its Digital Competency Platform. You can dive into various Nanodegree programs, usually 3 to 4 months long, and develop the skills you want.


If you are specifically looking for online classes related to the software development field, then Codecademy is the platform for you. Basic courses related to programming languages like JavaScript, Python, Java, HTML, SQL, and others are offered for free. You can also check out subjects like data science, web development, developer tools, machine learning, code foundations, and web design with its Pro membership.


This platform specializes in basically five areas, namely data, design, coding, cybersecurity, and tech sales. Apart from the theoretical classes, the platform also hosts real-world projects that you can work on and showcase your practical knowledge during interviews. The main highlight of the platform is some of its JobGuarantee programs, where you have the option to pay the course fee only after you are hired.


If you thought you could learn from only institutional instructors, you are wrong. Head over to the Udemy platform, where you will find common people hosting their online courses on a variety of subjects. Udemy instructors are real people who are passionate about sharing their knowledge with the world. It is specifically suitable for college students who are looking to learn new skills by enrolling in affordable courses rather than spending on premium university courses. The platform features around 204K courses, 54 million learners, 71K instructors, and over 12500 enterprise customers.


Similar to Coursera, the edX platform also hosts courses designed by renowned universities and companies. By partnering with over 160 member universities, edX has become the platform of choice for professionals willing to learn from institutes like Harvard, MIT, UC Berkeley, Boston University, and Australian National University. There are over 3600 courses to select from, along with 15 thousand instructors and over 110 million enrollments.

Cognitive Class

Offered by the tech giant IBM, Cognitive is a platform that you can rely on for courses related to artificial intelligence, data science, blockchain technology, cloud computing, IoT, and virtual reality. The platform is powered by IBM Skills Network, a community of highly talented content creators, educators, and authors who aim to help students learn emerging technologies one project at a time. The courses include internal hackathons, competitions, projects, and virtual meetings.


Unlike the platforms mentioned above, the Skillshare platform hosts online classes rather than months-long courses. Moreover, its classes are more focused on topics like design, illustration, photography, freelancing, video, and more rather than the technology sector. You can choose from hour-long classes to enhance your creative skills and further explore learning paths that involve a series of carefully designed tutorials that reinforce one another’s learning, broadening your skill set.

We hope that you can now enter the eLearning community with better information at hand and choose a relevant course to upgrade your skills. Start learning today and take your career to new heights.

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